Specially designed for Commercial Orchards, Home Orchards and Public Events. An efficient and cost effective way to press and pasteurize your apples pears and quince. Pressing Matter is a mobile juice factory, offering a service that can rinse, slice, press, pasteurize and package, all in one modern system. We provide sterile processing with high-tech equipment, innovative flash pasteurization and convenient “Bag in Box” packaging that can be safely stored without refrigeration for up to a year without compromising flavour.

Commercial Orchard, Home Orchard and Public Events

We arrive with our state of the art, European engineered equipment on an 8’ X16’ trailer complete with its own power source, where a minimum 6,400 pounds (approximately eight apple bins) have been pre-picked. We hook up to your potable water source and transform our trailer to reveal our immaculate stainless steel processing equipment. You deposit your apples into the washer and the process has begun.
In one hour, our equipment is capable of processing 1,760 pounds (800kgs) of apples. Each hour, we can produce 500 litres of fresh flavourful pasteurized juice which is hot filled into airtight bag in box packaging. We can do unpasteurized juice for businesses that will be fermenting after pressing.

Home Orchards

If you cannot meet the minimum requirements for us mobilizing the unit to your orchard, don’t worry, you can come to us. Give us a call and we will set up and date and time. You will bring your apples to us in the morning and we will work to get them all ready to go for pick up that evening.
As an estimate, a mature apple tree has about 200 lbs of apples. Each 5 litre box of juice can contain anywhere form 15-20 lbs of apples.

Public Events

We want to help you build your Community... through apples. We know how much fun it is getting everyone together for a pressing. Whether it is a community event, a neighborhood event or a fund raiser, we will help you put the hot apple cider on, get the press going and get ready for the apples! Ask us for our brochure on How to Host a Public Mini Festival.

Apple Identification

By popular demand, we at Pressing Matters are putting together a photo file of apples that people have asked what they are. Check us out on Facebook, and see what’s growing on the island and surround islands. If you have an identify question, put the photo on Facebook. With our followers and apple experts we will see if we can identify the apple for you.

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How it works

Although the fruit will pass through a high pressure washing system on the conveyor to the processor, we strongly recommend that your fruit should be relatively clean without obvious dirt and debris. The processor will slice the fruit into a mash of optimal consistency which allows maximum juice yield. This mash is pumped on to a hydraulic packing press where it is squeezed with gentle pressure to thoroughly extract the juice which filters through press cloth. The juice accumulates in a holding tank before proceeding for pasteurization.

Pasteurization and packaging

The flash pasteurization, also called “High Temperature Short Time” heats the juice to approximately 79° Celsius for about 15 seconds. . This short-term heating process eliminates bacteria without altering the natural flavour of the juice. The resulting unfiltered juice tastes freshly squeezed. Your pasteurized juice will be sealed in modern environmentally-friendly, BPA free, 5 litre convenient “Bag in Box” packaging which is lightweight and guaranteed to keep your juice tasting great. Each bag is sealed with a plastic push spout for a convenient extraction of juice.


The pressing process, leaves behind an almost completely dry mash of your apples or pears which can be used as compost or animal feed.